Post Virwada, Taluka Chopda, District Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425107

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Aaranya Farms

No chemicals. No fertilisers. No pesticides.
Only the power of earth, sun, water and air
to grow food like it was supposed to grow.

The secret of our nutrient-dense harvest.

To re-create the regenerative organic and all-natural growing of fruits, vegetables, millets and pulses,  so that life-positive crops can reach the tables of India’s homes.

To grow a completely new standard of food by inculcating ancient farming knowledge and powers and to rid our lives of all the unnecessary poisons of the chemicals that seep into water, earth and harvests.

Authenticity | Life-respecting | Life-enhancing

Regenerative farming is the antidote to 21st century toxicity.

Aaranya Farms is a carefully planned regenerative organic farm which gives a variety of foods unique to the seasons. Our bodies and immune systems are  greatly influenced by the rhythm of nature and we grow food finely tuned to these ecological processes. The soil’s microbiological profile changes with the seasons and alters the nutrient concentration thereby, influencing our gut microbiome. A faulty gut microbiome is responsible for major inflammatory diseases, including some common cancers. Seasonal fruits produce secondary metabolites and microbes in the soil through antibiosis and their epigenetic signatures produce these nutrients for the season. It is a finely-tuned system and when we perfect the farming, we can directly affect the quality of our lives with the nutient-dense foods. 

The Best Harvest
for healthy living.