Post Virwada, Taluka Chopda, District Jalgaon, Maharashtra - 425107

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About us

About FarmingAaranya Farms is much more than just 100% organic!

Aaranya Farms is a nationally recognised, acclaimed and awarded regenerative agriculture system located at the foothills of Satpuda ranges. We practice much more than organic farming… our kind of method restores four basic ecosystem  processes, which includes,

  • Solar energy-chemical energy conversion through photosynthesis
  • Improving the  water cycle through phototranspiration
  • Restoration of biogeochemical nutrient cycling with the express aim of producing nutrient dense food
  • Adding Improving community dynamics and adding biodiversity

Successfully achieving all these processes significantly fixes atmospheric CO2, which has a major role in reducing global warming and climate change.

Regenerative farms are not ‘organic-certified’ as they completely eliminate inputs used even by organic systems.

4 generations of experience in growing quality harvests.
A harvest of testimonials!